A new way of delivering oil & gas well construction

A new way of delivering oil & gas well construction


Ensure rig teams are aligned with latest plans. Provide real time status of current, upcoming and completed plans. Capture real time data and operational comments.

  • Structured Operation data
  • Draft Plans
  • Role based Checklists
  • Operation Log
  • Change log
  • Real time data view
  • Operation Lookahead
  • Attachments
  • Integration with reporting system

Pillars of RigFlow™


Situational Awareness & Transparency

RigFlow™ provides a live view of the status of current and upcoming operations for all parties involved – both on and off the rig. This enables the rig crew to coordinate and communicate based on a uniform, live & accessible plan. RigFlow™ improves preparations and coordination of activities and users can provide instant updates to the well plan instructions, enabling more agility and faster reaction times when changes occur.


Standardisation & Reporting

Provide rig crews with standardised instructions across operations, rigs and operators. Easy reporting for key roles through data generated by interacting with the system.


Shared Learnings & Insights

By enabling the capture of key lessons and insights which are linked to specific instructions this leads to better planning and coordination of operations and sharing of knowledge.

How it works