RigFlow™ Lite

Your stepping stone to workflow digitalization


RigFlow™ Lite does not rely on digital instructions provided by the operator but instead the instructions are created, reviewed, and approved, using the operators existing workflow and in-turn are uploaded into RigBridge™ as a PDF file. Finally, the instructions are pushed into RigFlow™ Lite to be executed by the rig crew.

Real-time well construction data for performance optimisation

Insights and lessons learned captured directly in the plan during execution.

Semi-automated reporting exported from RigFlow Lite and imported to client reporting system.

Historical archive of all plans previously executed in RigFlow.

How it works


Rig team instructions

The work instructions are created, reviewed and approved using operators existing workflows. The approved instructions are uploaded to RigBridge™ as PDF and published to RigFlow™.


Execute rig operations

The instructions are entered into RigFlow and executed. Users can add insights/lessons learned, add operational comments, highlight deviations to plan, and record operations in real-time.


Reporting and archive

View archived completed plans, including captures insights and comments. Change log captures the changes and edits of an executed plan.

Key features

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Operation Execution

Operation execution displays the current active step of current active plan and is the main screen for recording the execution of a plan in RigFlow™ Lite.

  • It allows users to report in real time and replaces the drillers worksheet.
  • Steps can be added directly or copied from Instruction pdf and steps can be added to the operation queue.
  • The operational queue lists the upcoming plan(s) to be executed.

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Operation Log

The operation log shows what steps has taken place online and offline. The current step will be displayed at the top. Users can add historic actions which are highlighted in blue

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Change Log

Displays changes made to the plan since it was approved.

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Real time

Displays real time data from mud logger´s system. User can select the values they want to display.

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View completed plans and understand how the plan was executed by reviewing comments and actions. The Archive can be searched to locate plans of interest.