RigFlow™ Lite

Your stepping stone to workflow digitalization

Easy workflow

RigFlow™ Lite does not rely on digital instructions provided by the operator but instead the instructions are created, reviewed, and approved, using the operators existing workflow and in-turn are uploaded into RigBridge™ as a PDF file. Finally, the instructions are pushed into RigFlow™ Lite to be executed by the rig crew.

Why RigFlow™ Lite?

RigFlow™ Lite provides a stepping stone to digital operations and helps to bridge the gap between planning and execution. Instructions are created and reviewed using existing workflows and the final approved plan can be uploaded to RigFlow™ Lite which provides a standardised and structured way of reporting operations.

RigFlow™ Lite ensures all parties involved, both on and off the rig, have. increased situational awareness & transparency of the status of current and upcoming operations. Old ways of working, including Excel, or hand written reports are replaced by a digital platform and workflows which reduces the workload for all involved.

The communication and coordination by the rig crew is improved and is based on a common understanding of the current live plan which results in more efficient operations and more effective real-time reporting.

Structured Operation data

The work instructions are presented in a standardized format that are broken down into operational steps, with at a glance information about instructions, risks, operational parameters, checks and report parameters

Execution and operational feedback

The current and upcoming steps are easily accessible on the global action bar, where the driller can quickly complete and start next operation, as well as performing deviations (actions) in cause of unforeseen events e.g., equipment breakdown. All involved parties can also comment on the work instruction and operation in real-time.

Real-time sensor data and KPIs with visualization

Reference a specific sensor or a group of sensors directly in the comments field and RigFlow™ automatically pulls the data directly from the drilling control system. KPI’s and sensor data are also visualized in the real-time app.

Contingency plans

Work instructions that are prepared as contingencies are easily accessible in a dedicated area in RigFlow™ where the driller can easily initiate a contingency plan and return to the original operation when completed.


Attachments added in RigBridge™ are accessible and viewable from each plan or the rig crew can upload attachments directly in RigFlow™, e.g., tally information, that are instantly distributed to the entire rig.

Operation Lookahead

Information of upcoming operations are available at a glance in the up next app.

Operation Log

RigFlow™ tracks all executed steps in the operation log, where it logs time and depth as well as deviations. It is also possible to change and add operational steps which automatically updates all instances.

Change log

Updates to the plan, e.g., revisions and added attachments can be tracked and detailed changes are visualized in the change log.


Executed data can be exported in various formats for easy reporting with minimal effort, to save additional administrative work.

How it works