RigBridge™ and RigFlow™

Digitalising Operation information workflows

Bringing onshore and offshore together with RigBridge™ and RigFlow™

Horizon56 solutions digitalise well construction information workflows. This enables smarter, more efficient and transparent operations


RigBridge™ is our market leading planning solution for creating digital work instructions.

RigBridge™ automates the approvals workflow and maintains full audit trail of revisions. Seamlessly share approved plans with RigFlow™ for execution.

  • Execution order
  • Custom approvals workflow
  • digital signature
  • Smart review
  • Revision audit trail
  • Library of approved plans.


RigFlow™ provides the foundation to standardize and digitalize how drilling operations are executed on a rig.

The instructions will now be available digitally directly to the rig crew allowing for real time updates to the plans and live reporting back on progress.

  • Structured Operation data
  • Draft Plans
  • Role based Checklists
  • Operation Log
  • Change log
  • Real time data view
  • Operation Lookahead
  • Attachments
  • Integration with reporting system

RigFlow™ Lite

RigFlow™ Lite is a digital solution that connects simple digitalized instructions from the drilling program and well plan to the operational activities on the rig.

RigFlow™ Lite does not rely on digital instructions provided by the operator but instead the instructions are created, reviewed, and approved using the operators existing workflow after which they are uploaded into RigBridge. Finally, the instructions are pushed into RigFlow™ to be executed by the rig crew.

  • Structured Operation data
  • Operation Log
  • Change log
  • Real time data view
  • Operation Lookahead
  • Integration with reporting system

The solution to an age-old problem - paper

RigBridge™ digitises the operational instructions that are provided to the rig team from the operator (currently in paper format). Once the digital instructions are created and approved, they will be available to view and execute within the rig based RigFlow™ system allowing for real time updates to the plan(s) and live reporting on progress.

While using RigBridge™ and RigFlow™, rig operations gain momentum and see increases in productivity as well as output. It also eliminates problems like having to take five phone calls to reach specific people.

The problem with paper-based workflows

Currently, well program information is provided from an Operator to offshore rig operations through a manual, unstandardized and paper-based process that is the root cause for many problems across the involved parties in well construction that ultimately leads to suboptimal transparency, situational awareness and efficiency for offshore operations.

Pain points of paper

Manual / printed instructions


Low visibility
of progress


Poor performance data for reporting