1. Service Scope

The following services are provided during the subscription period for the Software:

  • Manned telephone support and chat
  • Monitored email support
  • Remote assistance using Remote Desktop where available
  • Online training services
  • Ongoing monitoring of Systems
  • 24×7 incident support

2. Technical support

Users can access support directly from the application accessing live chat, or via phone.

Support is available as follows:

2.1 Telephone and Chat support

Availability of support

  • Within office hours:
  • Within time 8 -16 CET, Monday – Friday excl. national holidays all requests will be answered immediately, and technical response team will be involved in the case.
  • Outside office hours:

Calls received out of office hours will answered immediately. In case of missed calls, the call will be returned within 20 minutes

2.2. Email support

Availability of support:

  • Monitored 8 – 16 CET, Monday – Friday
  • Emails received outside of office hours will be collected, however no action can be guaranteed until the next working day.

3. Online Training Services

Training material, user guides is available via the online knowledge base and online Help center via link from the application and with below direct links:

Help centre:

Online portal to access online training material, cheat sheet and user manuals:

https://sites.google.com/view/md-dpp/frontpage or on such other web-page as Horizon56 may notify the Customer.

Knowledge base:

Online portal to access knowledge base and article related to various solution functionality.

https://horizon56.slaask.help/hc or on such other webpage as Horizon56 may notify the Customer.

4. System Availability

Software included in the Customer’s subscription and provided as a software-as-a-service shall be in operation and available to Customer in accordance with the following terms:

4.1 System Availability

The System Availability shall be at least 99,75 % per months excluding Scheduled Downtime.

4.2 Scheduled Downtime

Any Scheduled Downtime for e.g. maintenance windows must be coordinated with Customer’s activities and agreed in minimum 5 days in advance with Customer.

4.3 System downtime exclusions

Downtime does not include any unavailability that results from:

  1. Suspension or termination of the service;
  2. Factors outside of Horizon56’s reasonable control, including without limitation, any force majeure event, Internet accessibility problem beyond Horizon56’s environment, Customer’s network, software, equipment or other technology;
  3. Wrong use of the Software, i.e. wrong configuration data, wrong real time data connection.

4.4 Unscheduled downtime

Unscheduled Downtime is defined as continuous periods in which the System is unavailable to the users. An Unscheduled Downtime includes any period of availability of less than 30 minutes, between two periods during which the System is unavailable to the users.

4.5 Service Credits from System Availability

In-case the System Availability is lower than the target of 99,75% for a specific rig, the following Service credits will be provided as reduction of the monthly subscription fee for each drilling rig:

Monthly uptime Percentage:Service Credit calculated as a fraction of the monthly subscription fee per Rig/per Subscription Item affected
99,0% – 99,75%10%
95,0% – 99,00%20%
Less than 95,0%40 %

For example, if the solution uptime has been 97% for a Rig in a month, and the monthly RigFlow service fee for that Rig is $30k, this will correspond to fee reduction of 20% x $30k = $6k. Service credits will be aggregated across rigs and deduction and/or refund provided on quarterly basis.

5. Service Levels

5.1 Incident Management

The Service Levels are set considering the following assumptions:

  1. Information is provided adequate information on the incident to provide quick resolution.
  2. End user response are received in reasonable duration.
  3. Delay in more than 2 hours in user response on Medium Severity level will be adjusted against the total resolution time.

Horizon56 will respond to service-related Incidents submitted by the Customer with the following response Time and Resolution Time depending on the Severity Level of the Incident:

Severity LevelDescriptionTarget Response TimeTarget Resolution Time
Critical / HighAny unplanned outage of systems of any kind, or loss of access to a work group critical to business<30minASAP w. target <4h*
MediumAny incident that results in loss of access or impact system performance in a way that impact the business adverselyOffice Hours: <2h Outside Office hours:
1 Business Day
2 Business Days
LowA problem or incident other than Critical or Medium.Office Hours: <2h Outside Office hours:
1 Business Day
10 Business Days

*Work to resolve case will start immediately and not stop before issue is fixed. It is a target to resolve critical incidents within 4h.

Business Day”: Normal workdays (i.e. Monday-Friday excl. national holidays in Norway)

Office Hours”: 8-17 CET on a Business Day

In-case RigFlow is not available and/or usable following two contingency options will be applied to mitigate any operational impact.

5.2 Service Credits from SLA

The table below lists the Service Credits for non-compliance of defined SLA’s per Severity Level category:

  • Critical: Service credit 2,0% for every 4th Hours not being resolved, upward limited to 24%
  • Medium: Service credit 0,5% for every 2nd Business Day not being resolved, upward limited to 12%
  • Low: N/A

The credits are calculated as a fraction of the monthly subscription fee per Rig/per Subscription Item affected.

In-case the SLA is breached on either the response or resolution targets, aggregate of the breached service credits will be provided as reduction of the monthly RigFlow subscription fee per Rig/per Subscription Item affected. The Service Credit for any rig for any month cannot be more than 40% of the service fee for that rig. E.g. if the target SLA has been missed for a Critical incident in a months for 1 Rig within the respective Resolution Times, this corresponds to a total Credit of 2,0%. If the corresponding monthly service fee for the affected Subscription Item for one affected Rig is $30k, this will correspond to fee reduction of 2% x $30k = $600. Service credits will be aggregated across Rigs and deduction/and/or refund provided on quarterly basis.

5.2 Maximum service credits – full compensation

The maximum service credits per Rig in any month is 50% of the agreed subscription fees that month, exclusive of value added tax and any other tax on the subscription service. Save for service credits the Customer cannot claim damages, price deductions or any other compensation with reference to targeted uptime, response times or resolution times not being met.

6. Contingency options in-case of RigFlow unavailability

In-case of system unavailability contingency options are established to avoid any operational impact.

6.1 First contingency option: RigFlow information available directly from RigBridge

If RigFlow is un-available, all action plans (ie Work Instructions) pushed from RigBridge to RigFlow will be available in RigBrigde. In-case RigFlow on the rig is unavailable the action plans can be extracted as PDF’s from RigBridge, run the operations in a similar fashion how paper-based Work Instructions are used today.

6.2 Second contingency option: Plans can be accessed from automatically generated PDF’s

All information action plans (ie Work Instructions) in RigBridge and RigFlow is automatically converted into PDF’s and stored on local files servers or mail boxes (as agreed for each individual rig). In case RigFlow is not available, these PDF’s can be accessible and distributed, and the operations can be run in a similar fashion how paper-based Work Instructions are used today.