Business processes impacted by Software

Drilling operations on offshore drilling unites are performed based on “Work Instructions” provided an operator to the rig crew involved in the operations incl. both the drilling contractor and service companies. Such Work Instruction has different names depending on which operator make them, e.g. Rig Action Plan (RAP’s), Detailed Operational Procedures (DOP’s), Work Instructions, Daily Standing Instructions (DSI), Plan of Attack (PoA), Rig Forward Plan etc. The work instructions include the specific information required for the operations to be executed by the rig team, and is typically provided by each section of a well, e.g. “Drilling 8½’’ section”, “Run 7’’ liner” or “Cement 9 7/8’’ casing”). 

The Work Instruction documents is approved by selected representative(s) from the operator, the drilling contractor and relevant service partners. The final version is then distributed via email to the relevant roles on the drilling rig by the responsible person from an operator, e.g. an offshore Drilling Engineer.  The approved Work Instruction document is then printed out by the relevant rig team members to follow and execute the given instructions.

Horizon56 Product Description

This section outlines the solution ecosystem of the two solutions RigBridge and RigFlow with the functionality as follows:

  • RigBridge” is used to create digital work instruction typically by the drilling engineers from the operator as-well as handing the revision, archiving, and tracking process of Work Instructions.

See detailed description at RigBridge.

  • RigFlow” provides information from RigBridge (ie Work Instruction information) to rig personnel involved in the well construction process in a digital format and allows users to report back on activities completed on ongoing basis. RigFlow requires information from RigBridge or similar system.

See detailed description at RigFlow.

  • RigFlow Lite” is a system that can adopted without changes to the current process of creating Work Instruction but will share Work Instructions as PDF to all personnel involved in the well construction process and allows users to report back on activities completed on ongoing basis.

See detailed description at RigFlow Lite.

Software deployment

RigFlow, RigBridge and RigBridge Lite can be deployed in using both a cloud only and with a local deployment on a drilling rig with replication to a cloud-based solution. See below pictures.

Option 1 is usable when internet connectivity is high (eg with rig with fibre connection), and Option 2 is recommended for rigs that do not have high available bandwidth, as the e.g. depend on VSAT for internet connectivity.  As part of a RigFlow license, Horizon56 will provide the cloud-based solution.

Option 1: RigFlow as cloud only solution (SaaS)

Option 2: RigFlow with local deployment on rig.

For option 1, Horizon56 products are provided as a secure webservice with-out any on-rig deployments, and Horizon56 is responsible for delivering the entire service.

For option 2, then an instance of Horizon56 products are deployed on the IT network on the rig. In this case, come configuration of the rig network should be expected to ensure all parties can access the Horizon56 products. Horizon56 will be responsible for delivering the software applicable but is not responsible for on-rig infrastructure uptime.