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Usage of RigFlow by onshore team in Aker BP

Horizon56 has worked closely with Aker BP since 2019 on how to connect and extend their digital ecosystem towards drilling operations, with first offshore pilot deployment of RigFlow in 2020 with full deployment of RigFlow™ in 2021.

RigFlow™ has connected Aker BP’s onshore drilling engineering teams directly with the rig operations, and have been well received by the offshore rig crew – as seen in the below video.”

Digitalization is a crucial enabler for connecting onshore teams directly with offshore rig operations to provide better planning, higher transparency, and improved remote support. RigFlow™ has enabled Aker BP to operate based on a digitalized version of the well construction information connected directly with the offshore operations using RigFlow™, and in-turn enable better planning and onshore support of offshore rig activities.

Horizon56 has partnered with Archer since early 2022 to digitize Archer´s offshore operations processes driven by Archer´s willingness to adopt new digital ways of working with the aim of becoming one of the industry`s most forwarding leaning Contractors.

The result is Archer is benefitting from safer and more efficient operations through improved collaboration, increased operational focus and higher performance.

Horizon56 is proud to partner with Noble Drilling scaling RigFlow™ Noble rigs, driving efficiency and transparency in Noble’s operations and helping to underpin Noble´s rep-utation as a leading, and innovative global offshore drilling contractor


Maersk Drilling

Horizon56 has worked closely with Maersk Drilling since 2019 on how to devel-op and deploy digital solutions to drive efficiency and transparency in their off-shore drilling operations. Horizon56 has scaled RigFlow™ with Maersk Drilling on more than 10 rigs during 2022, providing a central component in their digi-talization strategy to transform well construction operations.