A streamlined workflow with RigBridge™ & RigFlow™.

through digital tools

The Oil & Gas industry is still heavily paper bound, which in turn brings inefficiencies and waste. It is vital to have modern methods of handling tasks in a time when energy efficiency is a top priority. We ensure a streamlined workflow with our RigBridge™ and RigFlow™ solutions which enhances production efficiency, limits wasted energy and time. The benefits of replacing a paper-based process are many, here are some of them below

2-4% Efficiency

  • RigFlow™’s current solution shows efficiency gains of 2-4%.
  • Annual savings of $8-16m per rig.
  • RigFlow™ reduces emissions above 1000 tonnes of Co2 per rig, annually.
  • Future product versions to increase value further.

Horizon56 Value Proposition

Efficient rig operations

  • Better coordination between crews and parties with fewer calls
  • Ensure alignment to latest plans
  • Easy overview of preparational activities

Transparency and reporting

  • Easy reporting for key roles
  • Onshore operational centers have greater insights and can be proactive
  • Structured operational data for analysis


Planning and Learning

  • Capturing learnings and feedback directly linked to work instructions
  • Seamlessly share revisions and updates to plans with rig teams
  • Audit trail of review, approval and execution of work instructions
  • Move the efficiency section below Value Proposition

& Preparation

  • Simplified delivery allows focus on high value work.
  • Collaborative plans for early engagement.



  • Live view improves preparedness and coordination.
  • Involvement and insight from onshore teams.



  • Automated feedback from operations to planning, which enables data driven decisions.
  • Real time performance monitoring and reporting.


Stepping Stone
for the Future

  • Digital planning & execution is a foundation for further automation.
  • Connecting activity steps to operational data is an enabler for new services.