About us

Horizon56 was founded to change
the offshore drilling industry through

Working alongside ambitious and forward-looking customers and partners, we truly believe we can support energy companies and offshore drilling contractors worldwide to optimize their businesses while reducing operational emissions. This is what empowers us.

Digital transformation isn’t always easy, which is why we support our customers at every step of the journey. We digitalize the workflows between all involved parties in offshore well construction processes and take operational efficiency through new and innovative solutions to digitalize and transform your business.

Made up of some of the most creative and strategic minds in the offshore drilling industry, with over 100 years of experience in the industry, our team of dedicated specialists works collaboratively with our customers, partners, and each other.

Our name

Our name, Horizon56, embodies our company. Our home and heritage are from the harshest offshore environments of the Northsea combined with the forward-looking and innovative culture – represented by the 56 latitudes of the region. When being offshore everything, we see is 360 degrees of horizons – and wherever we look at, we only see opportunities.

Horizon56 brings all this together, both the positivist view that the best is to come together with our roots, harsh, challenging environment that provides this company with a strong character.

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Our team

About us, Horizon56 The RigFlow™ Solution

Esben Thorup

Managing Director

Craig Michael Reid

Head of Products

Mikael Skov

Head of Technology

Michael Olesen

Head of Deployments

Martin Lindberg Christensen

Head of Rig Integrations

Jadran Kokic

Rig Deployment Lead

Lars Harald Sørebø

Software Support Engineer

Horizon56 The RigFlow™ Solution

Thao Lien Ngo

Business Support

Niels A. Kristiansen

Digital Product Designer

Marius Hjelmervik

UX Architect

Christoffer Jacobsen

Front-End Developer

Jon Brostrup Müller

Full-Stack Developer

Sriram Vedhamoorthy

Full-Stack Developer

Øystein Hopland Brattetaule

Full-Stack Developer

Dag Inge Hanakam

Full-Stack Developer

Martha Louise Roedbro

Lead Drilling Engineer

About us, Horizon56 The RigFlow™ Solution

Fredrik Jørgensen

Product Manager

About us, Horizon56 The RigFlow™ Solution

Sarah Dayang Robert Balangalibun

Product Manager

Vasilis Vasou

Head of Business Development

David Gerrard

Rig Deployment Lead

Erik Solhaug

Full-Stack Developer

Eirik Pedersen

RigFlow Coach

Thomas Johns Bommelund

RigFlow Coach

Peter Plejdrup

RigFlow Coach